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Welcome to The site is in it's beginning stages of what is probably somewhere around Phase 4.0. After trying various software such as PHPNuke and WordPress, I've decided to code it myself. It's actually less time consuming than trying to edit someone else's code, and doesn't contain a billion features I neither want or need. Eventually you might see some interactive features, but since they were barely used in the past, don't count on it. If you need to get in touch with me, you can email me at

7.23.11 - Well I lost my domain because I didn't renew it, and someone else registered it. After a long wait, was finally available again! I'm planning to update the look of the site, so stay tuned for a refreshed look with more content. I'm working full time, and still taking a couple of classes at a time. I expect to be finished and have my associates degree in about a year. This quarter I'm working with Adobe Dreamweaver, and creating dynamic web pages using PHP and MySQL. More to come :)

3.14.09 - I've added a couple of photo galleries to the new car's page, and an update at the bottom. I'm officially unemployed now, Friday was my last day. The next couple weeks will busy ones as I look for a new job. The cost of cigarettes went up by almost $10 per carton a few days ago, and I've decided it's time to quit. I hope to get a prescription for Chantix from my doctor this Thursday, which should help.

3.11.09 - Well I made it through finals, and my trip to PA was awesome. I drove the new car back to Nebraska, and arrived safely Sunday evening around 6:00 pm. It had a Viper alarm & remote start installed yesterday, which I am loving so far. I've decided to take a quarter off from school to focus on the job hunt. Friday is my last day of work (Friday the 13th, ha!), and next week will be a busy one. Lastly, I am ready for summer. It's -12F here today with the windchill, and I am far beyond miserable from this crappy weather.

2.17.09 - Some big news today on a couple things. First, check out the yellow car page. This is the story of what I had to go through for the car, along with some pictures of its arrival at mom's house. Now the bittersweet part of today's news...I got laid off from my job. Yes, you read that correctly. At the end of the day, my boss called me into the conference room & I was almost 30 minutes late for class. The good news: I work until March 13th, I still get my yearly bonus (on February 26th), I am still getting my vacation days to PA next week paid for, and I get 5 weeks of severence pay at 100% of my salary. I'm a bit overwhelmed to say the least. I need to finish the school quarter (4 Algebra tests, 7 Visual Basic assignments + final), trip to PA, get car, sell my Tiburon, and get a job. Wish me luck, I may need it!

2.11.09 - I've added a new addition to my Cars page. Slightly premature...the car is being bought tomorrow morning, and will be in my posession shortly. Other than that, nothing's new. Still attending 2 classes per quarter and working full time. There is a lot that still needs done to the site when I can find the time.

9.24.08 - I've updated the "cars" page, and added some thumbnails. I've also added a couple links to finished school projects. I don't feel that a link to these projects is sufficient, so I will be creating a page for each different class that I've taken with items from each class.